Song for Marion: this film has powerful lessons for older men

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Jan 012017
Song for Marion: this film has powerful lessons for older men

This is an intense, moving, ultimately hopeful film, and it’s a superb example of the bogs of anger and self-isolation that many older men get stuck in. The film’s focus is an elderly couple, played to perfection by Vanessa Redgrave and Terence Stamp.  One of the delights of this movie for us oldies is to […]

Depression, and getting over it

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Jan 012017
Depression, and getting over it

Depression is one of the biggest problems for men beyond 50.  We all feel low sometimes, but depression is long-term – I’ve met many mature men who have been depressed for years, often on antidepressants continually, and are resigned to living in semi-gloom indefinitely. How would you know if you’re depressed?  Typical symptoms are self-dislike, […]

Men and Pornography

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Dec 312016
Men and Pornography

GUEST POST by Ger Murphy Jack(56) came to see me at my psychotherapy practice some months ago complaining of depressive episodes and lack of motivation. As he spoke he revealed that he had been experiencing strong feelings of loneliness and isolation following his wife’s recent work changes, which meant she had taken on a demanding […]

Starting a Men’s Group

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May 242016

Guest blog by Daniel Korner It’s interesting to think of how the men’s group that I got involved with in Devon first started. It was actually the women in the community where I lived at that time that brought in the idea.  From their interest in sharing a women’s circle, and conversations about women’s work […]

Men’s Resource: cultivating friendship

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May 242016

Good friendships can oil the gearbox, making big change easier, and ice the cake, adding extra delight to life.  But there’s an art to growing and sustaining good friends.  Here are my top tips on this: Be willing to experiment: trying a range of approaches with a variety of people increases your chances of success. […]

Jun 162015
Why do men need men's groups?

Men generally grow up seeing other men as competitors, and mostly  have poorer support networks and interactive skills than women.  Perhaps that was useful when fighting for the last bison on the plains, but it doesn’t help most men in 2015. These days, most of us need high emotional intelligence and collaboration skills just to […]

Oct 252013
A Celebration of Older Men

Even better with women! Older men are hardly a trendy topic, and to celebrate them is unheard of.  So this event which I organised at Bridport Arts Centre could be unique.  And despite my tendency to be critical of most things, including myself, I can only describe the evening as a total success. My motive […]

Oct 142013
Men’s Sheds: A brilliantly simple good idea

900 sheds in Australia: just starting in UK Men’s Sheds are simply a largeish space where men can use or learn skills like woodworking, and enjoy informal social contact.  It’s often said that men relate to each other better shoulder-to-shoulder than face-to-face, which is why this simple idea works so well. An unusual feature of […]

Oct 012013
The disadvantages of being a man

The disadvantages of being a man: Giles Coren has only named half the story There was an excellent piece by Giles Coren in The Times, on Saturday September 28, headlined My daughter has more choices than my son.   He writes, “I found myself holding my baby son and feeling a sadness for him…He is a […]