Natural Happiness: Use organic gardening skills to cultivate yourself


Published by O Books March 29 2024

In these stormy times, this book will help you to dig deep and stay cheerful: it shows how gardening methods like composting, mulching, and crop rotation can be used to cultivate human nature too. A gardener applies skills like observation, patience and creativity, and you can adapt them to deal with daily stresses and big issues like climate change. Alan’s approach is positive and practical, easy to use for gardeners and others.

The book explores Alan’s Seven Seeds of Natural Happiness, which grow from twenty years’ experience of helping people learn from Nature, and from creating gardens and an organic farm. They are:

  1. Nourish your roots, and your ground condition.
  2. Use natural energy sources, like appreciation and enthusiasm.
  3. Compost your troubles: turn setbacks into useful energy!
  4. Shaping uncertainty: the co-creative way: new ways to dance with challenges.
  5. Cultivating community: learn from gardens about cooperation and using diversity.
  6. Growing through climate change: how humans and Nature can raise resilience and adapt together.
  7. Natural inspiration: find purpose and perspective through Nature.

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