Natural Happiness – the Gardener’s Way


This new book by Alan Heeks is in development, due for publication Autumn 2021.

How can you stay happy when there’s too much change and uncertainty?  Are there ways to bounce back and thrive if life is getting you down?  This book shows you how: to cultivate yourself like a garden, and grow your own wellbeing by learning from natural ecosystems.

The times were in are tough: we need new approaches and skills to thrive in all this.  Natural Happiness is a simple, practical guide which can help in your personal life, your community, and how you relate to the bigger issues. It shows you how to cultivate your own human nature, and tend yourself like a garden: deepen your roots, and grow organically through all kinds of weather.

Alan Heeks is a Harvard MBA and successful businessman, who since 1990 has become a keen gardener, and has created a 130-acre organic farm and 70-acre woodland as centres where people can learn about natural wellbeing and resilience. In this clear, down-to-earth book, Alan explains the Seven Seeds of Natural Happiness:

  • Nourish your roots: understand, balance and renew your underlying resources.
  • Cultivate your ecosystem: use natural energy sources and gardening methods like crop cycles and mulching to sustain you in life and work.
  • Compost the crap – the upsides of downsides: learn to transform negative feelings and problems, by ‘composting’ them.
  • Shaping nature – the co-creative way: new skills to handle uncertainty, thrive without control, reap natural wisdom, and ‘change the story’.
  • Finding strength from community: natural approaches for mutual support and sharing resources, in groups and teams of all kinds.
  • Natural inspiration: how to root and cultivate a bigger perspective that sustains you.
  • Life as a garden: local, natural, personal: enjoy each moment, grow the quality of connections, smell the flowers!

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