Souls Journey Resource List

MAIN SOURCE BOOKS The Soul’s Journey by Hazrat Inayat Khan. This is a fascinating and lucid exploration of the topic, by one of the leading Sufi teachers of the early 20th Century. He believes that each soul has a life which extends far before and after a human incarnation, and he offers many valuable pointers … Read more

Need a new angle on life? Try the soul’s journey

Would your situation make more sense if you know you’d chosen it? If you share my belief that there’s an upside to most problems, where’s the gift in the way life is getting ever more confusing, and reliable information is harder to find? Maybe it’s prodding us to see life from a quite different perspective: … Read more

Testimony of Light by Helen Greaves

Is there an afterlife beyond this human one?  What is it like?  If we knew more about the afterlife, could that guide our human life here and now?  This book offers some of the most convincing answers to these questions that I have found.  There are two voices in this book: the writer is Helen … Read more