Mar 142019

Would your situation make more sense if you know you’d chosen it?

If you share my belief that there’s an upside to most problems, where’s the gift in the way life is getting ever more confusing, and reliable information is harder to find? Maybe it’s prodding us to see life from a quite different perspective: as the soul’s journey.

It can be illuminating to imagine that we have a soul which exists before us and chooses this human lifetime, and the family we’re born into, to provide experiences and learning which it needs.  Believing that the challenges in our life have a positive purpose has helped me hugely, and stops me feeling like a victim of circumstances. However, finding the positive aspect can be tricky!

The word soul is used with lots of different meanings. I’m using it in the same sense as several writers I respect, who see the soul as a living spiritual entity whose life may continue for thousands of years, which chooses a series to incarnations to learn and grow.

Some teachers believe these incarnations are always in a human body: some believe a soul may incarnate in a ‘simpler’ life form, like a cat, before human lives. And some believe souls may also incarnate on other planets in forms of life we can scarcely imagine.

This may all sound a bit far-out: it can certainly expand your horizons beyond the daily grind! I have been consciously exploring my soul’s journey for the past few years, and I’m getting quite practical insights from doing so.

Whilst it probably takes time, practice and patience to start a dialogue with your soul, it is worth persisting. I feel I have quite a clear sense of what my soul wants me to learn or change in this current lifetime. And the idea that positive steps I take now will benefit my soul in the longterm future makes those steps more worthwhile.

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