Exploring The Roots Of Resilience

Resilience is the life skills to handle too much challenge and change positively, and grow through it.  Alan has been researching and teaching about resilience for many years – it’s a major theme in both his books.

In 2016, Alan is co-leading two residential groups on this theme:

Natural Happiness: the roots of resilience: APRIL 22 – 24, 2016, Hazel Hill Wood with Alan Heeks and Jane Sanders

How can webluebells stay cheerful and successful amid too much pressure and uncertainty? Is there a better way for people and teams at work to nourish morale and achieve results, when they keep having to do more with less? And how can communities help us all to be happy and resilient in these crazy times?

In this workshop we’ll explore all these questions, with the natural ecosystem of this magical wood as our guide. Our methods will include: nourishing roots; composting our problems; ways to cultivate our personal or group ecosystem; using co-creative skills to work with nature; harnessing despair and  growing inspiration; and how groups can bring us deeper insights support and resilience. Along with workshop sessions, there will be solo times in the wood, plus good food, campfires, songs and stories amid the trees and bluebells.

If you are interested in this event, please click here for flyer and further booking info. Please contact Charles Kemp T: 07737 892 891, 01373 462606 E: charles.fhp@blueyonder.co.uk 

Finding yourself in the woods: A men’s weekend at Hazel Hill Wood, near Salisbury

Friday September 2nd 7pm – Sunday September 4th 2pm:

Trees sunThis is an invitation to relax, renew and explore in the company of men, and the magical setting of this 70-acre wood.  The talents of the group and the wisdom of the wood offer a stage on which we can explore shared themes or personal situations as we want, through a range of approaches, and just being here.

In this very different setting, out on the land with a campfire, there’s scope to meet new aspects of yourself, find the subtler voices and the deeper melody, change an old story, play a new part, and hear the collective wisdom of the group.  Several Shakespeare plays use the forest as a place to find your true values, and this wood can help us explore male archetypes in the play of life. Click here for Hazel Hill Wood Events and further information.


Learning From Natural Systems

Since 1990, Alan has initiated and led the creation of three pioneering land-based education centres: a 100-acre organic farm, a 70-acre wood, and a cohousing neighbourhood.

Through years of involvement with organic farming and sustainable forestry Alan has evolved a distinctive approach, using cultivated natural ecosystems as a powerful model for resilience and wellbeing for people and their work.  This is the focus of Alan’s first book, The Natural Advantage: Renewing Yourself.

Click here for more about the book and an overview of the model.  He also leads retreats and workshops exploring the spiritual roots of resilience, for more info click here.

Out of the Woods: A guide to life for men beyond 50There has been a highly positive response for Alan’s new book Out of the Woods: A guide to life for men beyond 50, published September 2013, which has been warmly welcomed on several fronts.Buy the book

Out of the Woods has been praised in major features in The Times, Mature Times and Daily Express.  Reviews from early readers and relevant men’s organisations have also been highly favourable: see more here.

Alan Heeks is a group leader, writer and social entrepreneur with a passion for resilience and sustainability in the full sense: human, social, economic and environmental. 

His main work currently is with Wisdom Tree, a small team offering life skills for resilience and well-being for work organisations, individuals and communities.

Alan in front of the Forest Ark at Hazel Hill Wood

Alan in front of the Forest Ark at Hazel Hill Wood

He is the author of The Natural Advantage: Renewing Yourself (published 2000) and of Out of the Woods: A Guide to Life for Men Beyond 50, published by How To Books September 2013.

Alan is Chair of Hazel Hill Trust, the new charity which now runs Hazel Hill Wood, a 70-acre conservation woodland education centre near Salisbury.

He was the founder and prime mover in two other pioneering projects: The Threshold Centre, which is the UK’s first mixed tenure low impact cohousing scheme, and The Magdalen Farm, a 130-acre organic farm and education centre.


A Men Beyond 50 group at Hazel Hill Wood