Testimonials for Out of The Woods

“We are growing older these days. The late 70?s is the life expectancy for men in the UK and added to this, the rapid culture changes we are facing, 50 can be seen as a new beginning rather than the start of a slow decline.”  Ian Mowll, GreenSpirit

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“This is an attractive and well-organised book.  I think that it is a really helpful resource for people in many ways who are trying to sort out their understanding of their lives. It is the kind of book with something for everyone, however long they might have been trucking down their own personal path of self-development.  I appreciated all the many references to other sources where one might turn, both for practical help, and personal growth.  At times I was challenged and occasionally disturbed, maybe from my own sense of falling short from what I might have achieved (given my many talents!), something along the lines of the old chestnut ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’.

I particularly enjoyed the author’s more intimate sharings and appreciated his honesty and bravery in doing so.  This is a rich and thoughtful book lightened by humour and a sense of grace.  It strikes a hopeful note throughout even when addressing potentially difficult issues.  I recommend this book to all who are willing to apply wisdom to their life’s journey.  Let’s face it, It’s a bargain!”  Hugh King, 67, armchair explorer, ex trucker 

“This is a wise and inspiring book for anyone looking for a refreshing but realistic approach to their senior years. Well-researched and grounded in everyday realities Out of the Woods will help readers with all the normal disturbing issues of seniority, ranging from money and status, through to fitness, sex and a new sense of personal purpose. Warmly recommended.” William Bloom, author of Feeling Safe: How to be Strong and Positive in a Changing World.

“If you want to avoid becoming just another Grumpy Old Man, this book provides a great tonic.  But reinventing yourself isn’t easy, which is why the helping hand provided by Alan Heeks ly might prove very useful!”  Jonathon Porritt, co-founder of Forum for the Future, now the UK’s leading sustainable developing charity

“Men do suffer. They get themselves into all sorts of negative downward spirals. Alan beautifully brings his caring for life and all its mysteries into this great survival pack of a book for over 50’s men. Citing the gurus of the Age of Compassion – Joanna Macy, Robert Bly, Kubler Ross and Harville Hendrix – Out of the Woods weaves a super intelligent path through life, pain and reality and will I’m pretty sure be referred to for years to come.” Simon Hinkly (ManKind Project UK)

“As an elder who walks his talk Alan Heeks stands out as a beam of integrity and wisdom.  His writing is inspiring and fresh for this demographic.” Malcolm Stern, co-presenter of Channel 4’s Made for Each Other, leading UK psychotherapist, author of three books on relationships.

“Alan Heeks is a new, refreshing and dare I say ‘youthful’ voice in the ageing conversation.  His valuable guide will help men and women make sense of the inevitable shifts and changes that older age brings.

And what makes this book essential reading for those making the transition into life beyond 50 is that it not only guides you through the changes and challenges of the here and now, but also helps the reader to consciously create a new and exciting path for later life.” Glen Poole, Director of Helping Men, UK co-ordinator for International Men’s Day.

“Alan Heeks is an initiator and a trail blazer.  He has established an organic farm and a woodland retreat centre with a beautiful wooden ark of a building.  He has taken people into the desert to search for the meaning of life.  Whatever journey he embarks upon, he opens it up to others.  This book is no exception.  Alan explores those shady years where middle age slowly becomes old age, with courage and humour.”  Annie Spencer, workshop leader with deep experience in nature-based rites of passage.

“Although the ageing process is universal, men and women experience some of its tasks and challenges differently. So this excellent new book by Alan Heeks—the first comprehensive guidebook of its kind to be written specifically for men—is a welcome and much-needed addition to the eldering/sage-ing genre.” Marian Van Eyk McCain, author of Elderwoman: Reap the Wisdom, Feel the Power, Embrace the Joy

“A humorous and resourceful almanac of wisdom gained from Alan Heeks’ life journey. He has generously revealed his experiences so that men over 50 can rebuild their lives and discover their purpose to fulfillment. Alan demonstrates that by coming to terms with emotional communication, men over 50 can make the impossible possible.” Siri Nirankar Singh, yoga teacher