Jul 062017

“We’ve got to stop acting out hate” Charles Eisenstein

A recent article by the young American writer Charles Eisenstein offers the best insight I’ve found into the upside of the Trump era. For a start, he points out that no one can pretend anymore that the status quo is basically intact.
This period of intensifying disorder creates space for extremism, but Eisenstein sees it also as a space “to introduce a different kind of force to animate the structures that might appear after the old ones crumble. …Let’s start with empathy…the understanding that we are all in this together.”

Charles Eisenstein’s article appeared in the latest issue of Positive News; to read it follow this link…

He comments that he sees as much hate in the liberal media as on the right wing, “it is just better disguised”. He gently points out that such hate arises from fear, uncertainty, grief for losses, which are too painful for most of us to tolerate.

It’s not easy to face the implications of his repeated point that “we are all in this together”: meaning that the Liberals, the Radicals, the Socialists, are all in this together with the lost folk and the right wing. We need the courage and compassion to talk to each other, and confront each other too.

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