Mar 062018

Glennie Kindred has walked her talk for decades in exploring deeper connections with nature, and helping others to do so. Honouring the Celtic seasonal festivals is part of her approach, and her earlier book, Earth Cycles of Celebration, is my favourite guide to them.

This book is in two parts. The first offers various ways to deepen your dialogue with the Earth, and with spirits of the land. The second is a detailed guide to ways to celebrate each of the eight Celtic festivals.

In Part one, I especially like her section on ways to deepen your rapport with trees. Although I’ve been doing this for 25 years, I still learned from this book. For example, the staff carried by a wise woman or sage man is a way they stay connected to the power and wisdom of the tree it came from.

Glennie has created many ceremonies over the years, and this book offers a valuable summary of her approach, including how to create a structure, and ways to invoke the support of the elements (earth, air, fire, and water).

She also describes the phases of the moon and their qualities in more detail than I’ve seen before, with eight phases, such as the Balsamic or Waning crescent moon: a time for letting go and transformation.

For each Celtic festival, Glennie describes its qualities and significance in the cycle of the year, and suggests forms of celebration. She also links each festival with a specific tree and describes its symbolism and healing qualities.
The book is much enriched by the magic illustrations, also by Glennie.

ISBN 978-1-84850-480-6
Published by Hay House UK Ltd.

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