Dec 052017
Did you know that 65-79 is the happiest age range in the UK, and 45-59 is the least happy, and most anxious (2016 report from the Office of National Statistics).
I’ve been exploring and researching creative ageing since my own unhappy fifties: it’s the subject of my book Out of the Woods, and my planned fourth book, Not Fade Away: staying happy when you’re over 64. It’s become clear to me that positive choices about health, exercise and diet are crucial to ageing happily.
A study published by London School of Economics in 2016 is one of many which show that health is a major factor in happiness. As we get older, we need to take steps in several areas:
• Exercise: we actually need to increase how much we exercise, to balance our slowing metabolism and more sedentary lifestyle.
• Nutrition: supplements can really help sustain our health as we get older
• Diet: this needs to change, as our tolerance for indulgences gets less.
• Support: make sure we know what services and friends we can turn to is we have a health problem.
In June 2017, I am co-led a workshop entitled. Fruits of Maturity: find your way in your 50’s, 60’s and 70’s to offer a supportive space to explore how to understand and navigate the changing landscapes of later life, see more here.

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